Choosing a fresh new colour scheme for your home is a very exciting task. We also know that choosing colours can be extremely daunting as you do not want to risk choosing the wrong colour and having to start all over again.

Studio Collective is specifically trained to guide you through the process and advise you on paint colour choices for both the interior and exterior of your home. We also ensure the colour palette matches in with the rest of you interior design and home decoration.

When undertaking a colour consultation, Studio Collective provides each client with a detailed colour report and colour samples to best suit your design. In terms of knowing where to buy this paint and who to employ to undertake the painting services, we know all the best suppliers and tradespeople to undertake a high quality job.

Why book a colour consultation?

To get the most out of colour in your home it is important to understand how colours work with light, space and furnishings. Most importantly it is all about what you like and what your colour preferences are and how we can bring this together with the rest of your interior design.

Colour consulting is an extremely collaborative process where clients may need only a little colour direction or they may be starting off with a completely blank slate. This is not an easy task unless you are well educated on what works the best for your interior.

Studio Collective will guide you through the entire colour consulting process to achieve the best possible results for your home. When employing Studio Collective, they will assess where they are in the process and will come up with the best way of tackling the project within the most suitable budget and time frame requirements.

For more information on colour consulting or to book your appointment with Studio Collective contact us today.

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