Choosing the right furnishings is extremely important to the overall design and style of your room. Just like the rest of the interior design processes, selecting these furnishings can be a slightly daunting experience especially because it can be an expensive procedure.

Receiving a furnishings consultation from Studio Collective will help you reduce this stress and guide you to making all the right decisions for your project.

You want furniture to fit in perfectly, have a timeless feel and look sophisticated whilst remaining comfortable and practical. In order to achieve this there is an entire furnishing consulting process to go through.

Studio Collective will follow a procedure to stay on budget, within a time frame and look the best it possibly can. This includes:

  • Deciding what you like – colours, textures, patterns and home décor style
  • Evaluate your existing décor – understanding the layout and measurements in the room and whether or not your old furniture can be used or you require something brand new
  • Consider you lifestyle –family dynamics and the current lifestyle wanting to be achieved
  • Decide what’s most important – knowing which items needs to be replaced and what piece to keep around
  • Services – knowing where to go, what to buy and who to use
  • Budget – set a budget to stick to and bring under budget

For more information on furnishing consulting or to book your appointment with Studio Collective contact us.

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