Building a new home is a hugely exciting time in your life and we know just how big the investment is. Creating a new home not only means constructing the frame and putting everything together, it is the design and styling of your interior and exterior environments. With so many decisions to be made, it can at times be a little overwhelming and you might be unsure whether something is the right implementation for your home.

By undertaking a new build consultation with Studio Collective, one of the experienced Interior Designers will instil confidence and certainty to your design whilst keeping in mind all of your ideas and decoration options.

The New Build Consultation package is a popular package among many. This is because the Interior Designer can either undertake the entire design process within the allocated hours or alternatively it can be spread across the building time frame.

Ensuring you have selected the best Interior Designers will mean you are ensuring the optimum outcome for your home design – both internally and externally.

At Studio Collective, we ensure that your project goals and objectives are consistently met and exceeded and the end results are fulfilling and absolutely beautiful. We work hard to make your budget work for your project and take pride in expressing your vision through smart design.

Whether you are looking for advice with your new build, renovation or current interior layout, Studio Collective is here to help.

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