Window coverings have two significant purposes – decoration and function. They provide light management, privacy and add style, beauty and warmth to all rooms. It is not necessary for all windows to have elaborate dressings but some do. Having a well-dressed window has a huge impact on the overall look and comfort of the room.

Whether you want the elegance and sophistication of drapes, roman blinds or shutters, Studio Collective know all the recommendations and have all the right ideas to compliment each room of your home.

Working with Interior Designers can help save you money and time and help you to visualise exactly what your project will look like. With so many colours and fabrics to choose from, selecting the right choice that will match in with your interior design is of great importance.

Studio Collective will execute and guide you through all the right choices by offering a full service of selections for your window coverings.

Get the look and function you are after with the help of the Studio Collective Interior designers. They will listen to your vision and all the requirements you have and work towards creating the right solution for your home not matter the size of the project.

For more information on window coverings or to book an appointment with the Interior Designers at Studio Collective, contact us today.

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