Interior Design is more than just aesthetics. It is a multi-faceted profession that follows a systematic and coordinated methodology that includes research, analysis and the integration of knowledge into a creative process. By implementing – the needs, wants and resources of each clients are satisfied and enables an interior space to be created that fulfils project goals.

Well-designed spaces enable us to live and work in an environment that is efficient, comfortable, functional, safe, practical and stylish.

There are many elements to interior design that from the visual (lighting, forms, colour) to the tactile (texture, shape, surface) and to the auditory (echo, noise). Creating the ultimate interior design means understanding how people use and respond to all of these elements and how these elements work and respond with each other.

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Interior Designers

Interior Designers are qualified and experienced in assisting clients to realise their goals to create an environment that is functional and aesthetically attractive.

From planning space allocation, furniture, fixtures, furnishings, colours, textures, surfaces and more, Interior Designers are always considering the purpose and aesthetic of each space in order to achieve an optimum interior design. Interior Designers provide a range of services both residentially and commercially including:

  • In-home consultation services to understand the goals and objectives
  • Generation of ideas to determine the functional and aesthetic possibilities of each room space
  • Renders, illustrations and drawings if need be
  • Documentation with specifications relative to the interior and in line with safety codes
  • Arrangement, organisation and allocation of each space
  • Project management of construction and installation
  • Furniture, fixtures, materials, colours and lighting selection
  • Ordering and purchasing of products

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Interior Designer Vs Interior Decorator

The difference between an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator is that Interior Designers are professionally trained and educated with experience. They have a comprehensive skill and understanding of all elements involved in residential and commercial design as well as all health and safety codes.

On the other hand, decoration is an element of an Interior Designers work that is included and considered at all times during a clients project. An Interior Decorator works with the aesthetic elements of a space to increase the appearance of the environment.

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