4 Questions You Should Ask Your Potential Commercial Interior Designer


Are you moving to a new workplace premises? Or upgrading from your previous one as your business grows? You may recognise the need for a Commercial Interior Designer to help create a space that promotes happiness and productivity. That is safe for the well-being of those who will occupy it. And helps you achieve your business goals through intelligent interior design.  However, you may not have a lot of experience with commercial interior designers and not sure where to start in choosing the right one for you.

Like everything, you want to choose a competent and skilled designer that’s easy to work with, shares your vision and is within your affordability. A simple Google search in your area will show a number of options. The next step is to get in touch and ask the right questions to figure out whether they are the right designer for you.  

These are our top 4 questions you should ask your potential commercial interior designer;


1. Do You Have A Predefined Design Style Or Are You Flexible Enough To Cater To My Individual Taste?

Some commercial interior designers have their own very distinct style and can be sought out because of this. And that’s great. Unless, they only want to design with that predefined style in mind, instead of being happy to create a unique look for any new customers.

A great Commercial Interior Designer will be able to create something in the style they are famous for, or tailor a space based on an individual’s needs and aspirations. If they are unable to consider a different vision than what they are used to, they might not be the Commercial Interior Designer for you.

2. This Is the Budget I have For The Project. Can You Work Within It?

It’s not always the most comfortable conversation to have, but discussing your budget and any budget constraints from the beginning is essential in ensuring the designer you choose can work within your affordability. If your budget is reasonable, an experienced designer will be able to meet your requirements or provide feedback from the beginning if the budget doesn’t align with what you are wanting to achieve. A transparent conversation from the beginning can save a number of issues in the long run.

3. Do You Have A Website/Portfolio I Can View?

An experienced Commercial Interior Designer will have a well-designed website or portfolio to highlight their design skills, demonstrate their experience and showcase their best work.  Visuals go a long way in showcasing what the Interior Designer has achieved and whether their visions suit your own. If the designer you’re considering doesn’t have one, that could mean they don’t have the experience or skills you are looking for in your commercial project.

4. What Is Your Design Process?

This question is important so you can understand whether your potential Commercial Interior Designer has effective systems and consistent processes on how they approach each design project. Ask them if they can show you a planned overview of the project including dates for decisions to be made, steps in the process and estimated completion. If they aren’t able to do so, perhaps they aren’t the most professional and competent designer and you should consider someone else instead.

Are you looking for a Commercial Interior Designer that really knows their stuff? Why not get in touch with our Studio Collective team today, to find out exactly what we can do for you?