Studio Collective is an Interior Design studio that specialises in creating beautiful interiors for both residential and commercial clients.


If you are starting a new Interior Design project for your home or you are stuck with any DIY decorating ideas, Studio Collective Interior Designers are able to give advice or answer any questions or concerns you have with their in-home consultation service.

When you book an in-home consultation, one of our experienced Interior Designers will be able to discuss your own design ideas with you and give a professional perspective on your home layout and style. We ensure that each and every client is 100% happy and satisfied and only the best ideas are implemented into your home project.

At Studio Collective we understand that it can be a very exciting time when starting fresh or remodeling your home. We also know that it can be a stressful, timely and expensive task if not done correctly.

A lot of people know exactly the look and style they want achieved for their home. They have all the Interior Design and home décor pictures already selected and already imagine the final look. Others, at times, struggle to bring together a theme and need a little confidence in moving in the right direction. Either way, our experienced team of Interior Designers give friendly and open direction to turn your ideas into a beautifully finished and stylish home.

With an in-home consultation, you receive a personal home design consultation with Casey Drummond, a passionate Interior Designer and Home Décor expert with over 12 years experience working in the Interior Design industry.

No matter the project size, whether it be one room or the entire home, Casey Drummond ensures all the right steps are taken from your initial design ideas to tips and advice and working out the best process to undertake the project.

Studio Collective covers all Interior Design needs, both residential and commercial all over Australia including the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.


Are you looking to undertake some major renovations to your entire home, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom?

We know just how big of a task this can be. At Studio Collective, we not only specialise in the renovation process but we also use our project management skills to apply to all aspects of your home renovations.

You can be confident that Studio Collective continually aim to achieve our core business values of customer satisfaction by delivering the highest quality home renovations on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane or the Gold Coast.

Working with you to gather your ideas and bring them to life in a functional, practical and stylish way is Studio Collective’s number one priority. Every step of the way from consultation and design through to planning, selection and project management, the Interior Designers at Studio Collective will be there to guide you through the process and instil confidence.

The people we work with

Our tradespeople are extremely important to the service we offer which is why we have the utmost respect for their work and have built long established relationships with them and other suppliers.

Quality of work is something that is greatly important in this sector and the high calibre of services our tradespeople provide are incomparable. However, should you have your own contacts or would prefer to work with people who know and trust, then Studio Collective are happy to accommodate these needs.


Choosing a fresh new colour scheme for your home is a very exciting task. We also know that choosing colours can be extremely daunting as you do not want to risk choosing the wrong colour and having to start all over again.

Studio Collective is specifically trained to guide you through the process and advise you on paint colour choices for both the interior and exterior of your home. We also ensure the colour palette matches in with the rest of you interior design and home decoration.

When undertaking a colour consultation, Studio Collective provides each client with a detailed colour report and colour samples to best suit your design. In terms of knowing where to buy this paint and who to employ to undertake the painting services, we know all the best suppliers and tradespeople to undertake a high quality job.

Why book a colour consultation?

To get the most out of colour in your home it is important to understand how colours work with light, space and furnishings. Most importantly it is all about what you like and what your colour preferences are and how we can bring this together with the rest of your interior design.

Colour consulting is an extremely collaborative process where clients may need only a little colour direction or they may be starting off with a completely blank slate. This is not an easy task unless you are well educated on what works the best for your interior.

Studio Collective will guide you through the entire colour consulting process to achieve the best possible results for your home. When employing Studio Collective, they will assess where they are in the process and will come up with the best way of tackling the project within the most suitable budget and time frame requirements.


Building a new home is a hugely exciting time in your life and we know just how big the investment is. Creating a new home not only means constructing the frame and putting everything together, it is the design and styling of your interior and exterior environments. With so many decisions to be made, it can at times be a little overwhelming and you might be unsure whether something is the right implementation for your home.

By undertaking a new build consultation with Studio Collective, one of the experienced Interior Designers will instil confidence and certainty to your design whilst keeping in mind all of your ideas and decoration options.

The New Build Consultation package is a popular package among many. This is because the Interior Designer can either undertake the entire design process within the allocated hours or alternatively it can be spread across the building time frame.

Ensuring you have selected the best Interior Designers will mean you are ensuring the optimum outcome for your home design – both internally and externally.

At Studio Collective, we ensure that your project goals and objectives are consistently met and exceeded and the end results are fulfilling and absolutely beautiful. We work hard to make your budget work for your project and take pride in expressing your vision through smart design.


Studio Collective will follow a procedure to stay on budget, within a time frame and look the best it possibly can. This includes:

  • Deciding what you like – colours, textures, patterns and home décor style
  • Evaluate your existing décor – understanding the layout and measurements in the room and whether or not your old furniture can be used or you require something brand new
  • Consider you lifestyle –family dynamics and the current lifestyle wanting to be achieved
  • Decide what’s most important – knowing which items needs to be replaced and what piece to keep around
  • Services – knowing where to go, what to buy and who to use
  • Budget – set a budget to stick to and bring under budget

Choosing the right furnishings is extremely important to the overall design and style of your room. Just like the rest of the interior design processes, selecting these furnishings can be a slightly daunting experience especially because it can be an expensive procedure.

Receiving a furnishings consultation from Studio Collective will help you reduce this stress and guide you to making all the right decisions for your project.

You want furniture to fit in perfectly, have a timeless feel and look sophisticated whilst remaining comfortable and practical. In order to achieve this there is an entire furnishing consulting process to go through.


Turning all your ideas into reality in each room of your house is more difficult than it sounds and something you definitely do not want to go through the process of only to be unhappy with the end result.

You may have so many ideas you love but lack the know-how of how to appropriately achieve this and whether or not it will accomplish the look you are after.

At Studio Collective, we focus on reaching the best design for your room by recommending the right features and fixtures for your interior design or exterior design. We assist you with all the right design principles and application examples of how you can transform your space into a beautiful representation of your style. Most importantly, the features and fixtures choices must be carefully selected to be in line with your style, budget and functionality.

From planning and design through to the implementation and final touches, Studio Collective guarantee to give the best design service for the layout of your home. From the kitchen to the bathroom, living room, bedroom or entire home, you are sure to have one stylish home when finished.


Window coverings have two significant purposes – decoration and function. They provide light management, privacy and add style, beauty and warmth to all rooms. It is not necessary for all windows to have elaborate dressings but some do. Having a well-dressed window has a huge impact on the overall look and comfort of the room.

Whether you want the elegance and sophistication of drapes, roman blinds or shutters, Studio Collective know all the recommendations and have all the right ideas to compliment each room of your home.

Working with Interior Designers can help save you money and time and help you to visualise exactly what your project will look like. With so many colours and fabrics to choose from, selecting the right choice that will match in with your interior design is of great importance.

Studio Collective will execute and guide you through all the right choices by offering a full service of selections for your window coverings.

Get the look and function you are after with the help of the Studio Collective Interior designers. They will listen to your vision and all the requirements you have and work towards creating the right solution for your home not matter the size of the project.