Creating Your Dream Mood Board

Go grab your scissors and glue, here comes the fun part of any renovation!

Creating a dream mood board for your project can give you some much needed clarity when you have that many decisions to make. It can bring a deeper understanding for builders and interior designers than words alone can bring and is great to see what does and doesn’t work visually.


Start by going through your favourite magazines, websites, Pinterest and social media pulling images together that excite you. Grab anything from furniture, paint colours, pot plants, even a restaurant or café that you like the style of – don’t worry about always cutting straight edges, nice tears create a textured look.


Now that you’re a bit further along with your decisions, head to some chosen suppliers and grab a bunch of samples. Add lots of texture to this board, things like the sofa fabric you like and the paint colours you’re considering. Have larger samples for the more dominate features such as timber flooring, tiles and soft linen curtain fabrics.

Here’s our suggested list of samples to tick off:

  • Paint colours
  • Wallpaper
  • Carpet
  • Timber floors
  • Sofa fabric
  • Feature tiles
  • Upholstery
  • Curtain fabric


If you’ve already eyed off a piece of art, definitely print that out and place it on the board. This will help with choosing soft furnishings down the track, making sure everything ties in nicely and picking up on the right colours.


Adding a few other elements to your board will give it that finishing touch. Try including a print or sketch of your floorplan. Pop on some flowers or greenery on the board, think subtle eucalyptus leaves or dried flowers for a decorative look.


Now you’re all done!! Photograph this masterpiece and get excited for the next steps…