Our Favourite Commercial Interior Design Trends of 2019

We know commercial interior design plays a huge role in productivity for staff, possible customer engagement and brand reinforcement for businesses. But gone are the days where commercial design was simply a focus on choosing the right colour palette, furnishings or style elements. Whilst all these still apply, there are some really exciting commercial interior design trends of 2019  that deserves the attention of anyone looking at updating their commercial space.

Whether you have a restaurant, a retail outlet, an aged care facility, or any other commercial space. There are so many cool things happening in interior design for these areas. From eco options to colour trends and more, on this week’s blog we discuss our favourite commercial interior design trends of 2019.

One of Our Favourite Commercial Interior Design Trends of 2019 Is Going Green!


All the commercial design trends of 2019Going green is one of our favourite trends for commercial design. Reducing our carbon footprint should be at the forefront of any companies top responsibility initiatives. Commercial and residential buildings are responsible for one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions. As commercial interior designers, we can help a lot of businesses with more green and sustainable options.

From the beginning, it’s best to use sustainable building elements and incorporating them into the property’s structural design.  You can use composite wood which is made up of recycled plastic, so you don’t need hazardous chemicals to treat wood. And have big windows allowing for extra light, and stone or concrete floors to reduce heat.

By greening up desks, cubicles, office or the entire building with beautiful plants, everyone will have cleaner air to breathe. Plants also absorb indoor air pollution and increase the flow of oxygen. Deck the office out with plants for a cleaner and greener office for all.

Use Of Colour

2018 was all about hues of grey or neutral colours and minimalism. But in 2019 we’re seeing bright colours make a huge comeback. And it makes sense since colours have a huge impact on our mood and vivid shades promote creativity. It’s even better to match the bright colours of your brand to reinforce brand awareness to customers and promote your company core values to staff.  

Take your brand colours of your logo and use in upholstery, walls and furniture. Try adding an accent wall with a vivid colour to establish a fun and inspiring space.  Deep jewel tones can warm up a space and give energy to a room that might have previously felt a little boring. Or a darker colour like a dark lush green can give a room a new round cozy and comfortable vibe.  

Comfortable and Homely

All the commercial design trends of 2019Commercial buildings can often feel cold and uninviting. This is in turn, can make the staff feel bland and uninspired. A huge trend in 2019 in commercial interior design includes moving away from slick and functional designs. Instead, moving towards more comfortable and homely elements to make the space warm and comfortable for your staff and your guests.

Introducing chair throws, soft rugs and knitted elements is a great way to add some comfortable and homely elements.  Pick the comfiest sofa and chairs that are actually relaxing, and not just look nice. You can also add accent tables or bookshelves as well. Also, encourage your employees to add a personal touch with family photos on their desks is another way to make it feel more homely.

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