In Curtains and Blinds- Before And After

We were recently approached by a new client, In Curtains and Blinds, to completely overhaul a very outdated fit-out for their soft furnishing retail outlet. As a family-owned business operating over 30 years, the outlet hadn’t had a fresh look for a long time. The owners were aware that improving the interior design of their store could not only increase customer satisfaction but grow sales for the business. They understood that interior design can create the perfect environment for the consumer to experience and purchase their products.

In Curtains and Blinds

With a showroom that has one of the most comprehensive libraries of fabrics and products on Sunshine Coast, we knew this wasn’t going to be any small task.  However, as they were willing to follow our expert direction, we knew we could make the space more functional for both their team and potential customers. As well as give it a more modern, refined and detailed look.

In Curtains And Blinds

They had been making slight improvements over time but decided to follow our recommendation on a complete refurbish. They also wanted to show off their custom made window furnishings and quality workmanship in the best light. With a large range of curtains, blinds, shutters, upholstery, wallpaper, fabrics, exterior blinds and other accessories it was essential to pare everything back for a less cluttered look.  We also needed to work in with their existing Luxaflex display of black cabinetry.

In Curtains And Blinds

After our initial consultation and briefing session, we began working on a concept for them. We started with a mood board that showed off the textures, colours and style they wanted to achieve. We then worked together on a floor plan which met the most important part of the brief – to be less cluttered.  We put together concepts for the entrance perspective and fabric showroom perspective. After adding the finishing touches to make it pop, it was approved by our client to move forward with the changes. 

The Major Updates We Made For In Curtains And Blinds In Curtains And BlindsRedesigned The Floor Plan To Enable More Space In The Office Behind The Counter

In Curtains And Blinds

One of the biggest issues we were facing was that the space felt too busy. By redesigning the floor plan to enable more space in the office behind the counter, allowed us to free up more area in the showroom. This gave the space a more organised and less cluttered look.

Replaced All Cabinetry And Front Counter

In Curtains And Blinds


It was time for a complete refresh for the cabinetry and front counter. Part of the mood board we created was to reflect them as being refined., timeless and detailed. We used this idea in the design we created for the cabinetry and front counter look.

Replaced Carpet Tiles With Herringbone Timber-Look Floor

In Curtains And Blinds

Replacing the carpet tiles with herringbone timber-look flooring gave the showroom a bold and styled look. They are also simple to clean and to keep clean and were a far more modern option than the old carpet tiles.

Re-Painted The Outlet

In Curtains And Blinds

Painting the whole space brought it back to life and made it look fresh, modern and clean.

Replaced Lighting And Incorporated Feature Lighting

In Curtains And Blinds

The new task and feature lighting we used, not only gave the showroom a more urban feel but had better durability, lower maintenance and service costs and increased energy-saving abilities than their previous lighting.

Curtain Display Areas Rather Than Using Curtains To Close Of The Whole Sample Room

In Curtains And Blinds

By choosing this option we were able to open up the area again and minimise the amount of clutter. It also gave more structure to the curtain area, and displayed the options in an easier to digest way for the potential customers. 

Overall, this was an exciting project to be part of. We are proud of the improvements we made from an interior design perspective. But not only that, we believe what we have achieved will help In Curtains and Blinds achieve their business goals, increase their sales and improve productivity and employee satisfaction in the space. By meeting the brief and using our extensive experience, we created a functional space where customers will stay longer and employees will be happier.

If you are looking at improving employee satisfaction and customer sales through intelligent interior design, contact us today and see what we can do for you!