Creating an environment that inspires and educates with people who love what they do

Casey Drummond
With over 15 years industry experience, Casey has a love for the tactile element of interior design. Specifically, sourcing unique products that are inspired by our environment, with a focus on quality craftsmanship. She has a collaborative approach to design and enjoys being challenged to deliver the best outcome for every project. When she’s not immersing herself in the world of interiors, Casey is daydreaming about new restaurants to try and new countries to visit.
Fun fact: Casey has travelled to more than 50 countries and has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro
Melissa Park
Mel’s love of all things creative, combined with her efficient approach to business management, is what brings the ‘collective’ skillset to our team. She is the jack of all trades in our business and is a vital part of our daily operations. Mel is one of the lucky few who gets to split her time between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast and in her down time she loves a good vino with friends.
Fun fact: Mel is one of the rare few who hates coffee (but likes espresso martinis)
Kate Gillard

Kate is fascinated with architecture and interior design and how these two surround us every day. Having the ability to influence our built environment furthers her passion for design. Kate has been in the design industry for over 10 years, covering many different fields including visual merchandising, set design, both residential and commercial design, hotel, and aged care. She’s also a former 200mm champion sprinter (Although the spikes would need some de-dusting, they’ve been hung up for a while!). 

Fun Fact: Kate has two dalmatians, Banks and Duffy, and she spends any spare time she has keeping them entertained!

Ashley Reed

With an interior design degree and a unique background in interiors, styling, photoshoots, event design and management, Ashley has a refreshing sense of style which she weaves into every project she works on. She is an eternal optimist, detail obsessed and has an innate ability to know just the right piece for each project. Ashley has a passion for art and ceramics, is a pilates novice and enjoys getting lost in a good book. When she’s not in the studio you’ll probably find her rolling out a fresh batch of pasta with her husband and lovable pup, Hally!

Fun fact: She loves cheesy action movies and is a pictionary guru!

Lauren Viertel

Lauren’s passion for design was ignited at a young age as she spent most of childhood travelling interstate and renovating 12 of her family homes with her parents and brother. Lauren can be known for her go-getter attitude and ability to talk and have a laugh with absolutely anyone (or anything for that matter). In her spare time, Lauren enjoys exploring the outdoors with her dog, Cruiser, and having a glass of wine and a BBQ with her nearest and dearest.  

Fun Fact: Lauren was studying to become an exercise physiologist before making the switch to interior design.

Lara Malengret

Lara is a creative with a diverse range of experience in project and people management, marketing strategy, event planning, sales, styling and design. Lara loves people and travel and her keen eye for design means she’s always looking out for new and inspiring trends! In her downtime you’ll find her scrolling through The Local Project or eating copious amounts of chocolate and watching whatever’s new on Netflix. One of her life goals is to discover the secret to keeping houseplants alive!

Fun fact: She has a black cat named Batman.

Olivia McDonald

Olivia spent most of her high school years living in Dubai where she was surrounded by breathtaking architecture and creatively designed spaces. Her passion for interiors flourished and she went on to graduate as a qualified Interior Designer. When she isn’t at work or scrolling through interior design feeds on instagram, she loves to get creative in the kitchen and cook for her friends and family. 

Fun Fact : Before getting into interior design Olivia worked as a model where she travelled to multiple counties around the world. 

Dilu McCaffery
Always having a passion for design, as a child Dilu would love to rearrange the furniture and change the look of rooms while her parents were out. This grew to creating spaces that are both a mix of aesthetics and function. Born in Sri Lanka, she loves to travel and draw inspiration from her origins and other other cultures. Dilu loves working closely with clients to help bring their vision to life.
Fun fact: She loves anything Nutella and is relearning the piano.
Andria Healy

Andria began her career in window furnishings more than 20 years ago. Right from the beginning, Andria loved the way beautiful curtains could transform & frame any room whilst making your space more functional & comfortable. With a passion for fabrics, textiles & window furnishings, Andria enjoys searching for the perfect fabrics & window treatments for your home. When not in her garden, Andria is out looking for the best Eggs Benedict in Brisbane.

Fun Fact: Andria loves country music & is a great dancer!

Sue Pearson

Sue holds a Diploma of Fine Arts in textile design that has helped her in her position as Studio Manager. Prior to joining the team Sue has been working with a furniture and textile wholesaler and this makes her very comfortable in the interior design space. Sue has a long history with client service and human resources.

Fun fact: Sue has a dog called Saffy and a cat named Wednesday.

Janelle Drummond

With over 30 years experience as an Interior Decorator, Janelle has built a strong reputation in the design and decorating industry. As the second-generation director of In Curtains and Blinds, Janelle has been involved in many different design projects throughout Australia. Her expertise ranges from large-scale resorts to high-end residential homes. Janelle has a passion for this industry and is highly respected amongst her peers.