The Tasks An Interior Designer Completes To Bring Your Project To Life!

It takes a certain sort of person become an interior designer.  Because of the tasks an interior designer completes they need to have a particularly varied skill-set. Not only do they have to be creative and artistic, but they also need to possess a large range of other qualities to do their job successfully. They need to have excellent organisation skills. It’s essential to have above average people skills. They require project management skills. Most importantly, they need the ability to adapt and understand other people’s vision for their space they are creating. Plus a lot more.

No two clients that seek an interior designer are the same. Just as no two days are the same. However, there are certain tasks that an interior designer will perform during the day in order to do their job well.

These Are The Tasks An Interior Designer Completes To Bring Your Project To Life.


  1. The Tasks An Interior Designer CompletesConsult With Clients

An interior designer will often start the day consulting with clients. They’ll determine their individual needs, preferences, safety requirements and purpose of the space. They’ll generally do this face-to-face. From this meeting, they will have established a detailed design brief on the client’s style preference. Also, during this meeting, they will likely discuss the budget and timeframes for the project so they know what they are looking at from the beginning and can work within any constraints.

  1.  Research

After meeting with a potential client, an interior designer will often spend the next part of the day doing a significant amount of research to help with the project. They’ll look at current trends, previous designs and source materials needed from the project.  They’ll also read blueprints and building codes and accessibility standards, if necessary for a commercial project.

  1. Design Mock-Up/ Detailed Plans

This is an essential step during the process. In order to help a client see their vision for their project, an interior designer will often put together a design mock-up or 2-3d models showing the arrangement of walls, displaces, fixtures, lighting and whatever else is necessary. They use advanced design and graphics software to help these come to life. They might also use traditional sketches and drawings for floor plans as well.

  1. Client Presentation

This is the time when the mockups and plans are presented to the client. They’ll seek feedback to ensure everything is matching their original vision for the space and also still works with their client’s personal style. Estimate costs and materials required and may advise on leasing, real estate and marketing Once everything is approved and signed off, the project will move to the development stage.

  1. Development Stage

During the development stage, plans are finalised. Drawings are detailed.  The designer will start to give advise on a selection of colours, finishes and materials. They’ll discuss floor and wall coverings, interior coverings and lighting. The designer will start to consider the furnishings and other items, taking into account health standards and ergonomic factors.

  1. Execution

This is the phase of the project where construction begins and you can start seeing your vision come to life.  There is a lot involved. Your interior designer will project manage the whole process. Including regular site visits in order to work with your architects, contractors, suppliers or anyone else involved in the process.  They’ll be checking deliverables are monitored to the project stays on track and on time and complies with any safety and building requirements. On completion of the project they’ll also do a walk-through and attend to any issues that may require updates. 

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