The Best Interior Design Tips For Your Hospitality Venue

The best interior design tipsYou might create the best coffee on the Sunshine Coast, or offer the most delicious cocktails. Your steaks might be cooked to perfection, or your cupcakes are the sweet treats of chocolate dreams. But if you’re setting up a hospitality business, being the best at what you do isn’t enough to create a loyal fanbase and keep your customers coming back. These days people want more from your venue. The atmosphere and ambiance are just as important as the food itself. Interior design directly affects customer satisfaction at your hospitality venue.

We live in an era where our lives are constantly documented on social media. People love to post their social experiences online, especially where they wine and dine. Instagram itself has over 800 million active monthly users. Whilst your customers are posting to impress their own social network, your business is also potentially gaining worldwide exposure at the same time. Creating a beautiful space that inspires people to show it off online can help your business grow as well.

Customer loyalty is imperative for the success of your business. To keep your customers coming back for more, you need to create an interesting setting that makes them feel good while spending time there. Whether you are a cafe, a pub, or a fine dining venue – the design of your business needs to stand out from all the rest. From the lighting to the furniture, to the colours and textures and more. Exceptional interior design creates great customer satisfaction in your venue. Need a little inspo?

Here Are The Best Interior Design Tips To Improve Customer Satisfaction In Your Hospitality Venue.

The best interior design tips
Wow Them With A First Impression.

The number one best interior design tip for your venue is to wow them with a great first impression. You want to provide an outstanding sensory experience from the moment your customers enter your space. Having a beautiful setting excites them and encourages them to stay for as long as possible. Having an innovative interior design also inspires them to post those drool-worthy images online, and to share with their own network what a stunning place you have!

But before considering how you’re going to wow them with a first impression, ensure your design will pay homage to the personality and theme of your venue. Your colour scheme, decorations and furniture all need to stay consistent to who you are. But accent lighting, beautiful artwork, quirky table settings or unusual details can all help make a stunning first impression.

Comfort Is Key!

You want your customers to settle in for a long lunch. Or a three-course meal. Or at least enough to enjoy a couple of cappuccinos and some carrot cake, too.  Whether they are solo or with several people, uour patrons are only going to hang around if they are comfortable. If your seats are uncomfortable or your lighting is difficult, they are likely going to leave promptly.  You want all people with different needs as comfortable as possible.

Ensure you have low seating, chairs with backs and cushioned options when possible. It’s not enough to just be wheelchair friendly. If a wheelchair user is meeting friends, it’s important they should be positioned to see eye to eye with them as well. Don’t have excessively loud music making people uncomfortable.  And focus on natural lighting. Have heater options for outdoor dining in the cooler months.

Acoustics And Why They Matter.

As we mentioned above, loud music can make some patrons feel uncomfortable in a venue. The challenge is our brains react differently to different types of sound and people are looking for different things.  The acoustics has a significant impact on the vibe of the place because “sound” makes people feel different emotions. So how do you make everyone happy?

The best thing you can do is consider what sort of place you have and what the average customer would be looking for. For cafes, loud music can often be a turn off because people are coming to socialise over a coffee or even to work on their own projects. However, in a bar setting, louder music works to complement the bar and promote patrons to drink more. And in a fine-dining environment live piano or jazz background music might be more appropriate.

Use As Many Natural Elements As Possible.

These days people are far more conscious of minimising their carbon footprint and being environmentally friendly. They are likely to appreciate commercial premises doing the same. Using as many natural elements in the interior design will likely improve your customer satisfaction.

You can never have too much greenery in your space.  Use plenty of indoor plants as they’ll improve the air quality and also reduce stress, creating a feeling of well-being.  Use as much natural lighting as possible. Glazing or on windows can prevent heat and lighter paint shades on walls can reflect nearly all solar radiation.

Also, using recycled material and refurbished items is not only on “trend” but helps the environment. Recycled bamboo, cork and wood are far more eco-friendly and sustainable than plastic options.

And Lastly, Dare To Be Different.

In times where dining venues are a dime a dozen, the best way to excite and motivate people to check out your venue is to dare to be different in your design. But how do you create something that’s extraordinary, not ordinary in a time where everything has been thought of before? When everything in design from modern, contemporary, minimalist, industrial, Scandinavian and everything in between has already been explored?

Leave it to the experts, that’s how. Our Commercial Interior Designers are experts in thinking outside the box and designing and outfitting hospitality venues different from all the rest. We’ll use our extensive experience in commercial hospitality design to create something unique and carefully crafted to your needs. Get in touch with our trusted team and see what we can do for you today. Find out more here.